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By purchasing this product, you are purchasing Death Stranding + DLC region free Account for Steam. There may be other games on your account!
After payment you will receive an account of the form – Login: password!

Activation takes place without using third-party programs!

Death Stranding is another creation of the cult game designer Hideo Kojima, who this time decided to draw attention to an unusual genre surrounded by post-apocalypse. The new adventure invites users to take on the role of Sam, who is forced to work hard as a cargo porter.

⭐️ You will acquire personal accounts registered in a legal way!
⭐️ The game is premeditated only in offline mode!
⭐️ Detailed instructions for activating your account, which will take you no more than 2 minutes!


✅ Licensed accounts, they will never be restored or hacked;
✅ Lifetime warranty includes ongoing support;
✅ Compares favorably with buying a game on Steam. (Not all games support Online mode, there is no point in overpaying to complete the story mode)
✅ It’s safer to download games from third-party resources, often such attempts to play result in a bunch of viruses and problems;
✅ Ability to play on the day the game is released;
✅ You will receive all game updates at the time of their release;


🔻 It is forbidden to change account data!
🔻 Activation is performed on one PC and does not provide for its transfer to third parties, as well as changing the gaming device or platform;
🔻If the product did not suit you according to any technical characteristics, then claims will not be accepted;


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