Twitch Prime / Prime Gaming World of Tanks: Starlight Kit

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After paying for the goods, you will INSTANTLY receive an Amazon account to receive World of Tanks: Starlight Kit
ACCOUNT WILL BE WITHOUT TWITCH ONLY AMAZON TO OBTAIN World of Tanks: Starlight Kit AND NOTHING MORE!The account will be in the form:
Mail for logging into Amazon
Password from Amazon The
link on which the mail is available, where you need to open the letter and confirm the login to Amazon

You will be redirected to the page with the mail and password from Amazon after payment + the letter with them will be sent to the mail specified at payment (check spam too)

The package comes without the King Tiger tank, only World of Tanks: Starlight Kit!
Buy only for the PC version of the game, for PS4 bonuses will not!
Bonuses in Wargaming can be credited up to 24 hours!

The promotion can be activated only once per WARGAMING account, do not buy this product twice. If you do not read the description before purchasing the product, this is exclusively your problem!

Activation of World of Tanks
The binding process has changed, now you only get Amazon and only you need to bind it to Wargaming, log into your game account and then log into .comby mail and a password, you will need to confirm the entrance to Amazon from the mail, you can go to it by the link, open the upper letter and confirm the entrance, after logging in to Amazon, open the tab with the Wargaming personal account and click on the Amazon icon (so you you can link Amazon to Wargaming, then go into the game and you will receive the package). If you do not know English, use a translator, support will not be able to answer everyone, try not to be stupid and do everything yourself!

Note: For PC version only. If you previously bought Twitch or Amazon accounts and linked them to your Wargaming, then before activating, first unlink the old Twitch and Amazon by clicking on its icon in WG!

Additional Information

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